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Of The


Spaghetti Monster



In The Beginning Was The Word,

And The Word Was "Arrrgh!" - Pir. 13,7


Say, do you believe? In case you do, where do you believe have you been stranded here, hah? Do you believe we'll give that away to you that easily? Do you actually believe we made this whole website up just for fun? Do you believe... well, DO you believe in anything, anyhow, after all? Or in anybody?


In that case, congratulations! You've found your place to go to. We don't interfere with your faith, whatever it may be. Faith is a cool thing to have.


All we DO say is: We believe in something as well. Your faith is totally cool and ours is cooler. Better. Fresher. For Real!


Because we are Pastafarians. We believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The real true Goddess. His Noodliness.


We would like to give you an idea of our faith with these pages. We're about to show you that the Flying Spaghetti Monster doubt-lessly is the coolest God you actually can believe in. Most probably, that's what you've been doing all your life long anyway, while you just called Him differently. Whatever - you might talk about "Jehova", "Allah" or "Christ". But those are all just names representing His Noodliness in reality*.

Real truth*, of course, is to be found right here, on the websites of the real true religion.


We'd like to offer our faith to you. Not force it onto you! Because we're different from other religions. - Well, that's of course what any religion claims for itself - only with us, it's really true!



Since we're so full of it, being convinced of the superiority of our faith, we offer you a 30-day-God-Back guarantee: Try our faith for 30 days. If you're not fully satisfied 100 percent, we'll pay you your old God back - no ifs, no buts.


Because we're convinced: Our religion is


the real true religion!








* "The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass The Flying Spaghetti Monster is waiting for you."

- Werner Heisenberg



Hence we're quite a young community, we didn't work out our website in English yet. We're working on in any single free minute we have, but since even our German sites are far from being ready yet, it might take a little while until we have our most important goals availiable in English as well. So please, be patient and stay tuned!


May His Noodly Appendages strive you.

Henderson's Witnesses (Die Zeugen Hendersons)














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"Here we go on Dec. 19th: Introducing 'Henderson's Witnesses' first time ever. And what better place could we find than the Hamburg Xmas market? This way, we'll address more than one nearly-closely true religion at the same time, and we'll do our best to correct at least one of those to the very end" - well, at least, that's what we thought when we announced this street action in the first place.

What we came up with is easily worth to be described with the finest superlatives ever been used in Pastafarian history. To be as modest as we can be.



















(Please activate English subtitles manually)

Nearly all religions in the world have one thing in common: They're just great. And all of them are nearly hundred percent right!We, the Pastafarians of the Real Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, are about to show how to correct one nearly right religion with just a very few twists.




Here you can take a view into the magic crystal ball, pirate. it'll tell you your future to come.

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